Protective helmet without earphones and grille, UV stabilized ABS plastic, lightweight helmet, ventilation holes, with mounting groove for hearing protection P3

Clamping type: latch

  • in accordance with European standard EN 397
  • with retaining groove for hearing protection P3
  • weight: 310 g
  • available colors: orange, light green, green, blue, yellow, white, red



Developed in close collaboration with forest workers, the G3000 meets the highest requirements for effective protection, good ventilation and optimal visibility. This helmet is made of high quality ABS plastic stabilized against UV radiation; in tests in which the capture and distribution of forces in the impact of incident objects is assessed, the safety helmet received the best rating. It is one of the lightest helmets on the market. The G3000 has more ventilation holes in a much larger area than usual. It offers efficient air exchange while maintaining safety. To increase the field of view, the G3000 has a shorter cover, which, however, does not have a negative effect on glare protection or other properties. The G3000's settings can be rotated 180 degrees (CE registration applies to both alternatives) - an invaluable advantage when climbing and working in cramped conditions. 


Protective helmet without earphones and grille_3M